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Exotica Erotica returns to the Boulder Theater, October 21st.
Denver Comic Con June 17-19th
Colorado Renaissance Festival Celebrates 40 years in 2016!

Spankings, hot wax, shibari rope ties, feather tickles, electric play and more await you at the Exotica Erotica Ball, ‘Kinky Carnival’. This event which dates back more than a decade returns to the Boulder Theater on Friday, October 21, 2016.

Finland. Off the chain…(or on it)

During my first trip to Helsinki, Finland, I arrived mid-day, completely jet lagged. En route to my hotel I noticed a nondescript warehouse sitting a little off the main highway. The parking lot was completely full (on a Saturday afternoon) and there was a line that spanned hundreds of people. It was a little chilly that day and almost everyone in line was wearing LEATHER and were scantly dressed with long black coats or dark mascara.

Initially I thought it was some type of goth event and even though I am not into that scene, being in Finland for the first time, I wanted to participate (if only briefly) in that experience. So I walked to the front of the line where I saw 2 sexy shirtless sculpted blond hottie bouncers wearing leather pants so flippin’ tight they probably needed Vaseline to get in them and a road map to get out.

I asked them what was going on inside THE VENUE. And they responded Are you American?

….was it the accent? the luggage in hand? or that I was definitely not from around there being that at that point I was still clueless ‘about it all’.

I smiled and nodded my head. To my surprise, they gave me a complimentary VIP wrist band and told me to go and fully enjoy myself. Grinning widely, I politely thanked them and walked in.

It was around 2 pm in the afternoon but just beyond the entrance it looked like 2 am in the morning – dark and foggy, the authentic Europe house music was pumping loud and intense, red lights were flashing and I could barely see a damn thing.

I walked around the corner and jeezus, josef and murry…

Witnessing the fully Monty, King Arthur and his magical friend Merlin AND the First Swallow-Savvy Guard, I was definitely OVERDRESSED as I finally realized this was Sexhibition, Europe’s largest erotica show.

You’ve got two empty ‘alves of coconuts and you’re bangin’ em together!

It was wickedly beautiful (and surprisingly educational) to say the least.

I talked to a few performers and met folks from Berlin, Paris and London who had all traveled there for the show and stated that they traveled around Europe performing in erotica shows. Yes, somebody has to do it and this is probably the career path where that escort job in college might have ultimately led. From peep shows to freak shows, there was no shame in my game.

And although I have never attended, I don’t think Exotica Erotica across the pond in Boulder, Colorado will be much different (less the ‘educational paddles….panels).


See or be seen….

The choice is yours.

Dubbed the ‘Hedonic Halloween Party’, Exotica Erotica is definitely one of Boulder’s largest adult themed events. And let me tell you Boulderites love their themed events and races!

Exotica Erotica has been hosted at a few different venues over the last few years, but this year it will return to the Boulder Theater where over 1,000 people, 100% in costumes (required), will be in character at this sexy, sensual and voyeuristic dance party.

Provocative live entertainment will include Boulder Burlesque, Pole Dancers, the Dungeon of Desire, aerial performers, contortionists, body painting and a DJ presumably spinning everything.

You won’t need to receive any cryptic messages in Chinese fortune cookies to fully experience this Freaky Friday.

Just contact Boulder theater to reserve your seat (whip not included).

Tickets on sale soon. And we’ll also have a few to give away here.


Reason 316. Exotica Erotica Ball returns to the Boulder Theater!


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