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Imagine a hop on and hop off style bus that tours late night hot spots including breweries, bars, marijuana dispensaries and of course the supremely best places to conquer your late night munchies. Wouldn’t that be the hotness?

Now Denverize it!

Loopr has recently launched in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Their signature upscale black coach style bus offers wi-fi, a bathroom, smoking paraphernalia galore and is cannabis friendly, thus bringing new meaning to ‘dope ride’ 😉 (Sorry – Pot not included).

The Loopr app allows users to buy a daily, weekly or monthly pass (starting at $25) and hop on and off at select popular nightlife destinations throughout downtown Denver.

As you make your way to your next destination you can get your smoke on making the late night city bus ride not so creepy after all.

Currently, Loopr is only operating during the weekends. But they plan to expand its route to weekday offerings in the future.

Live the high life….responsibly.

Try the Loopr app this weekend…and remember – it’s all’ways more fun (or at least memorable) with friends!


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